Take a wild ride through a fantasy world where peace is kept between over a dozen tribes through the tradition of Glidewing racing. Choose from 15 different racers and dive, roll and boost your way to victory on 15 unique tracks.
-------- MY ROLE -------

Environment art: My main focus was on the environment art. I was in charge of transforming initial whiteboxes into their final look, this included: level optimization, composition, mood and atmosphere.

Tech art: I  also worked together with programmers to bring the levels to completition, creating prefabs, materials and writing shaders that met the engine and level requirements for mobile devices.

Level design: I also designed one of the 15 levels and brought it from early concept and whiteboxed stages into final.

The images are a sample of the modeling and texture work I did for Fathom Interactive Inc. on the game Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. For more information feel free to contact me or visit: