The creators of Angry Birds present Sky Punks! Assemble a daring team of Punks as you race your GlideWing across the treacherous landscape of Neo Terra.

Sky Punks is an unlimited adventure starring a motley cast of characters. Reveal their stories as you collect them all. Use the coins and Crystals you find to unlock new GlideWings and abilities as you explore the exotic world of Neo Terra! 

-------- MY ROLE -------

Design: Controls, camera and tuning player locomotion were part of my main tasks at the beginning of the project. I was also part of the level design team; I created patterns and helped setting up a pipeline to help communication between designers, coders and artist.

3D art:Before starting any design task, I was in charge of leading our first art demo. I created a large library of 3d assets, materials and textures for the environments. Iím currently working with the art team creating cool new assets for our levels.

2D/FX:I created a large library of 2d animated objects and Fx/Particles in the game.

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